Simplifying Complex Business Processes
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Increase Your Productivity With Workflows

Workflows aims to make complex business tasks more efficient by facilitating the process.

You can prepare a model, simulate it using on-premise or cloud resource, monitor during solution, perform data-extraction, and optimize with a simple intuitive workflow builder.

With the ability to save, reuse and share workflows, spend less time on manual execution and more time on evaluation.  


Create Your Flow

Set up workflows by linking up workers to perform specific operations.

Choose from an array of inputs to help define your workers.

The visual and interactive canvas supports smooth workflow set-up. 

A World of Workers

Utilize the worker library of over 800 workers which you can filter through easily.

Explore an array of mathematical and scientific workers to help with your data.

Employ decision workers based on a provided decision matrix to powerfully resolve functions, auto optimize tasks and store previous results.

Flow Faster

Run multiple workers in parallel under the same workflow to help speed up execution or process multiple simulations simultaneously.

Clone workers, duplicate workflows and even import a JSON workflow file to increase efficiency. 

Review Your Flow

With Workflow’s built-in data viewer, you can study and overlay curves from different workers; view, overlay and analyze images using the image comparer; or visualize and explore charts and datasets related to your workflow.

You can also review configuration and execution logs as well as your file inputs. 

Keep It Flowing

Use Workflows to simplify your business processes and enable keen decisions. Keep your data mining and simulation systems flowing consistently and effectively towards elevating your business.