Scientific Databases

Superior Data Management
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Store and Manage All Your Data in One Place

Our Databases application provides an effective solution for organizing and storing large amounts of data.

Databases’ centralized data management system eases sharing between multiple users, while the integration of interactive visualizers powerfully support productive decision-making.

Structure Your Data

Structuring your data through Databases takes away the hassle of organizing it yourself.

Plus, structured data is easier to comprehend, track, is much more collaborative and sharable, takes up less storage and can be transformed into visualizations instantly. 

Database Tools

Store scientific data formats such as curves, images, movies and tables.

Keep bad data away using built-in sanitize and clean up procedures.

Using advanced filter and search capabilities, find the the data you want quickly.

Database Comparisons and Statistics

Compare and visualize your data with just a few clicks.

Group important data together and utilize view templates to make comparing your structured data quick yet insightful.

Review a summary of your data with built-in visualized statistics. 

Databases Through Workflows

Productively manage your Databases by utilizing its integration with our Workflows application.

Employ our Database workers to create LS-DYNA Material Databases and add a plethora of data records efficiently.

Make the Transition

Eliminate the stress of manually organizing and examining data.

With Databases, data regulation becomes simple, swift and effective.

Make the transition to superior data management today.