ZION – R2022.02

Release Notes – R2022.002 
Platform Enhancements, Bug-Fixes & New Features

Associate Images for Dataset Columns in Simlytiks 

Under Tools → Customize → Schema 

Drop or click to upload an image

Create and Customize Groups in Simlytiks

Under Tools → Customize → Groups 

Auto-create groups or add custom groups

Annotate 3D Models in Peacock

Similar to image annotating

Drag-and-drop responses onto the model

Right click to add annotations

Click on annotations to see them visualize

Total Cost Analysis in Simlytiks

Review cost columns

Use transformations to compute total cost

Visualize and analyze 

Summary View in Projects

View summary of assets on the Home tab

New Curves Workers

Stress to Triaxiality converts stress tensor to triaxiality

Strain Tensor to Effective takes the strain tensor time-history and computes the time-history of the effective strain or mean 

Get Triaxiality at Failure finds the triaxiality at the time of failure based on eroded energy time-history

New Curve Workers

Replace Y Value replaces a y value for a given x value 

Get X When Y Increases finds the time when the Y starts to raise beyond a give percentage of the maximum value

New Folder Icon When No Simulations Found

Click the icon to populate with simulations 

Import Groups in the Form of LS-Prepost / Primer and Associate in Templates

Under the Part Groups tab in a template

Associate a Database within a Project

Under the Databases tab in a project

d3VIEW Tutorial Documentation

Learn how to navigate and use the platform