Explore Designs in Peacock 3D/VR 

Unravel more information while experiencing simulations and models in 3D space.
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A 3D/VR Simulated Viewer 

Examine developments and results in a superior way by using more than just conventional 2D exploration and incorporating Peacock, d3VIEW’s 3D/VR application.

Compact 3D In-Browser Viewer with Animation controls

  • Review movies, animations or GIFs in 3D
  • Overlay GIFs for an enhanced visualization experience
  • Interactive interface allows for in-depth analysis of the simulation model at any given time of the simulated event
  • Customize colors with wireframe options 

Create & Integrate

  • Extract 3D files from simulations or 3D responses from images, points, or curves, and convert any data into 3D to visualize in Peacock.

  • Viewer seamlessly integrates with other applications on the d3VIEW platform. 

  • Compare 3D plots of simulations in d3VIEW’s Simlytiks visualization application.

  • Synchronize multiple 3D plots in Simlytiks for an enhanced visualization experience. 

Other Supportive Features

  • Fast loaders with the ability to pause and interact while loading and progressive loading for large models via groups by user-defined parts list
  • Examine standard deviation for load-case and material specimen contouring.
  • Study fringe nodal and time-histories from LS-DYNA such as plastic-strain, von-mises-stress and triaxiality.
  • Displays element deletion for simulating failed parts such a material puncture.
  • Visualize and upload assemblies from LS-Prepost/Primer/Meta-Post 
  • Review Bill-of-Materials, turning individual parts on or off for interactive viewing.
  • Select areas of the model and filter them in or out.
  • Take section cuts any any point in the model
  • Import and view multiple models under a single window.
  • Customize background and lighting, and measure distance and angles

Sharing & Exporting

  • Export single frames as PNGs or full animations as GIFs and embed in PPT for direct access to viewer


  • Share 3D responses with others on the d3VIEW platform

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