A Rich, Interactive Platform to Your Support Decisions.
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Enhance the Experience of Exploring Data.

Simlytiks unites exploring, sharing and analyzing data into one application.

It’s uses extensive visualization tools to hone in on specifics, trends, patterns or just the most important aspects of large or small datasets.

Because of this, Simlytiks creates stories from your data, so you can understand what is working and what needs improvement.

Extensive Visualization Tools

Clarify data with visualizations to answer questions that enhance, refine or reshape products, services, etc.

Exclude unwanted data or highlight important aspects with filters and highlighters.

Train, predict and identify data trends or patterns easily with A.I. and Machine Learning integration.  

Variety of Visualizers
Filters and Highlighters
Machine Learning and A. I. 
Easy Sharing and Reporting

Visualizers, Pages and Layouts

Explore an extensive list of basic and advanced visualizers that include 3D options for both basic and scientific data.

Apply and save visually distinct colors through out all visualizations in a data set.

Utilize options to animate information and responses.

Use grid layouts to easily compare up to 16 different visualizations on one page, and create as many pages as needed to explore with multiple layouts.

Interactive, Basic, Scientific and 3D
Multiple Page and Layout Options
Visually Distinct Color Settings
Animated Information and GIFs

Sharing and Reporting

Make reporting data prompt and effortless.

Export or share what you see including individual visualizers or pages.

Use the PowerPoint builder to readily present your research to your coworkers or clients.

Export your data via email, JSON or excel.

You can even share a link to an entire exploration with anyone. 

Save visualizers as a PNG
Organize insights in PowerPoint Builder and download the presentation
Export data and/or curves to Excel
Export data sets to JSON 
Email visualizers, pages and data

Platform Integration

Simlytiks seamlessly integrates with other applications on the platform so no matter how you are reviewing your data, you can always delve into and disseminate it vividly and efficiently.

Compare records from simulations with records from physical tests directly.

Visualize and explore database records, and examine them further by applying view templates.

Make Better Decisions Today.

Speed up and nourish your decision-making process by utilizing better more robust ways to investigate, perceive,record and narrate valuable data.

Choose the most effective and advanced path for your most significant business endeavors.

Create a better tomorrow by making better decisions today with Simlytiks®.