Speed Through Tasks with FORA

d3VIEW’s New AI Agent FORA for Executing Platform Functions

Employ d3VIEW’s New AI Agent for Your Assignments

FORA acts as an experienced colleague. You can ask it to configure, build and execute workflows as well as evaluate and optimize designs.

Experienced Colleague

FORA knows the ins-and-outs what’s available on the d3VIEW platform. For example, you can ask FORA to teach you how to create a workflow or ask for help with material laws in LS-DYNA.

Workflow Builder

Interact with FORA to build workflows that include viewing and processing curves.







Or, ask FORA for recommendations on which worker(s) to use for a task.

Design Evaluator and Optimizer

Instruct FORA to help you explore in Simlytiks. You can ask FORA to upload data, analyze it and interact with it in order to learn more about your data. Have FORA visualize data from our vast library of visualizers. 

AI Support is at Your Fingertips

d3VIEW FORA is here to support your  business processes, so you can accelerate design and development.

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